Maisie Williams makes dress faux pas ahead of Sophie Turner's wedding

Greer McNally
Jan 8, 2017; Beverly Hills, CA, USA; Sophie Turner, left, and Maisie Williams arrive for the 74th Golden Globe Awards at Beverly Hilton. Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK

There’s a special bond between sisters, even if they are only related on telly. That is at least true of Game of Thrones co-stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams anyway.

The women, who play the Stark sisters in the HBO drama, have matching tattoos and are pretty inseparable having grown up together on the show. But it’s possible that like most siblings communication isn’t always the best, as it seems Maisie Williams has forgotten – if just for a moment – that she’s to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding to Joe Jonas.

Maybe it was all the excitement of the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, but on the red carpet she talked about needing to find a dress for the nuptials. This was news to Turner.

When the X-Men star was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, said: “I don’t know why she’s thinking about [what she’s wearing to my wedding]. I’m giving her the bridesmaid dress!” she said with a laugh. “She’s my maid of honor! One of two.”

Maisie Williams confirmed her position in the bridal party at the beginning of last year, gleefully revealing, “I’ve already got it!” when asked if she might be a bridesmaid, and that Turner was “already letting her little heart wander”.

Turner has been in the news herself this week, first for admitting that her fiancé Joe Jonas had to sign an NDA after visiting the Game of Thrones set during filming.

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And then for admitting that she wasn’t annoyed by the difference in pay between the show’s stars.

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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones starts on Sky Atlantic on Monday.