Maisie Williams nearly missed her Game of Thrones audition for a school trip to see pigs

Natasha Sporn

Maisie Williams has revealed that she almost missed her Game of Thrones audition because she had a school trip on the same day.

Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the popular HBO series, confessed in a recent interview that she didn’t turn up for the life-changing audition, aged 13, because her school was going on a trip to a pig farm.

She told InStyle Magazine that she almost skipped it to go and play with the pigs but decided to go along and, thankfully, the part made her an almost overnight success.

Williams, now 21, also opened up about her schooling and how she struggled to fit in with her peers.

Star: Maisie Williams opened up about her struggles at school (Ian West/PA )

She told the publication: “I struggled with the pressure to fit in and always worried about saying the right thing.

“It was strange because I put on the personality of the girl who was ‘Maisie Williams’ but really struggled in my personal life.”

Williams continued: “I think just understanding I wasn’t the only one who feels like they don’t fit in really helped me.

“And it made me want to inform other young kids that it actually does get better.”

Earlier this year, Williams described her Early Man character as “great role model for kids” when she starred alongside Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston in Nick Park’s film.

“I think for me she’s just a great role model for the younger generation for little girls and little boys,” Williams told the Standard.