Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Spring 2025 Ready-to-Wear: Peter Pan Syndrome

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro pondered on the notion that people are losing their essence in favor of the superficial in the social media age. The Japanese designer has long channeled the innocent enthusiasm of an inner child in his creations — he thinks people get too serious when adulthood arrives — drawing on remembered favorite clothing that doesn’t quite fit, ragged, vintage-inspired silhouettes and faded hues like an aged photograph for several seasons.

With his “Persona” collection, he explored the notion once again, but took it in a new direction that was no less poetic. His oversize proportions were less omnipresent. Instead, he chose to home in on the rear of his designs — details that were thereby impossible to photograph in habitual runway fashion; you had to be there in real life.

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Baggy jeans or jogging pants trailed the floor, sewn onto the backs of matching Bermuda shorts. A giant striped men’s shirt was stitched onto a bustier to make a dress, and more shirts were pinned onto the shoulders, cape-like. Denim and sportswear pieces were adorned with childlike sticker motifs, while his knitwear was eminently distressed. A backless trenchcoat was layered over a translucent pleated skirt, and a gold sequin dress pinned to the front of another look, one sleeve hanging empty against the body.

The designs were accompanied by Yasuhiro’s signature stuffed toys, as crossbody bags or toys to be carried, Peter Pan-style.

The fun-loving designer always has a surprise in store when it comes to the staging, often featuring live music in his displays. This season, as the giant screen above the runway lit up and the music started, members of the audience stood up one by one and began to wholeheartedly sing karaoke, leaving the guests reeling with laughter.

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Launch Gallery: Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Spring 2025 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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