Majorca proposes 'ban' affecting UK tourists staying in holiday rentals

Majorca has proposed a ban on holiday rentals with UK holidaymakers and tourists set to be impacted. The Balearic Islands holiday hotspot is mulling over the prospect of banning holiday rentals across the European island in a blow to UK holidaymakers.

The city council of the Balearic capital has proposed a ban of new holiday rentals and restrictions on cruise passengers and rental cars to limit overcrowding. The mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, has presented a long list of proposals that will go to the Sustainability Committee with the intention of easing tourism saturation.

The most important is to "regulate, limit or prohibit the arrival of certain cruise ships, and permit only small and medium-sized ones," he said. "We also propose limiting the number of cruise ships or allowing only those that have Palma as their home port," he said.

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The proposal comes after Marga Prohens, the president of the Balearic Government, announced the decline of the Balearic Islands and the need to “set limits” a few weeks ago. Marga spoke out as the mass demonstration which took place last Saturday in Palma under the slogan “Mallorca is not for sale” - with locals tense over the influx of British holidaymakers.

Martínez also announced that he wants to create "two taxes for cruise passengers: one for the arrival in port and another for access to the city". In addition, he has called for "the revision of rubbish charges in all ports and to limit the number of tourist groups, as well as guided tours to avoid the intrusion of tourist guides, establishing a limit" on the number of participants.

lso proposed "limiting or banning 'party boats'; revising rubbish and water charges for holiday stays; and increasing surveillance of illegal holiday lets in order to eradicate illegal holiday tourism in Palma."