Majorca threatens UK tourists and warns 'it has only just begun'

Spanish protesters who are demonstrating over "overtourism" from Brits amid a lack of affordable housing have warned: "This has only just begun." Javier Barbero, a spokesperson for Banc del Temps and one of the organisers of the large-scale demonstration, issued the stark five-word warning this weekend.

An estimated 15,000 locals joined the protest that snaked through the capital Palma in Majorca and headed for Weyler Square on Saturday. One protestor walked through the dining area on the street while 'clapping and shouting'.

The Palma protest was organised by Banc del Temps, a group which hails from the inland Majorcan town of Sencelles and is outraged by the struggles locals face in affording homes on the island due to the higher prices owners can get for holiday rentals.

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Responding to the warning, a Brit typed: "Brits make up about 25% of Spains Tourisim. Followed closely by Germans. If these 2 groups stopped going to any Spanish Island it would not solve the housing crisis. But would increase unemployment! All very sensible ..not!"

"Boycott - simples," a second fumed. Protesters carrying banners with anti-tourism slogans and banging drums gathered in the centre of the capital Palma as more and more Brits descend on the holiday islands for a much-needed break from the UK weather.

"We have lived in the same rented house for ten years. But in December the owner told us that he was selling the property to foreigners and that we had to move out," one protester told MailOnline. "I work in the hotel industry and my husband is a builder. We cannot afford the inflated price of property in Majorca so we were never able to buy our own home.

"Now we cannot afford to live in Majorca anymore we are moving to Asturias in the north of Spain. It was our dream to bring up our children in Mallorca but that cannot happen." Laura Lau, of Banc del Temps, told MailOnline: "Houses and apartment that were family homes have been bought by foreign investors who rent them out to tourists and leave nothing for local people. This is why property prices in Majorca have reached unaffordable levels."