Majorca told to 'arrest' UK tourists but Brits defended and told 'it's legal'

Magaluf locals have branded skinny dipping tourists from the UK "criminals". UK tourists abroad in the Balearic Islands holiday hotspot, which is situated in Majorca, have been warned not to skinny dip after fury from locals.

According to local outlet Ultima Hora, the men entered the sea with their phones and wallets at around 6.30am on Sunday. One person wrote: "Olé Spain!! Olé Mallorca!! A shame of tourism. Nothing has changed or will change. We are lost, among the tourist overcrowding, illegals, Magaluf, Cala Ratjada, Arenal.

"We are going to get very, very bad." Another user commented: "You can no longer take a bath in peace thanks to those who allow criminals from all over the world to come to Mallorca to work. This photo should go around the world so they can see what useless politicians who only think about themselves have turned us into."

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And another said: "I find it shameful that the police don't go to arrest those tourists." Another said: "In Punta Ballena there is no beach, it is a street. It won't be in Magaluf? Be careful, those from @MeliaHotelsInt get angry, it is now "Calviá Beach" and there is only luxury tourism!!"

"Nudism is legal on the beaches of Spain, you use anything to attack and criticize people, but you never say anything about the thieves and gangsters who rule in Spain," another fumed. "I find it shameful that the police don't go to arrest those usual tourists," another said.

Another sniped: "Let's see if they're going to get up on a balcony and... God forbid!" Mayor Juan Antonio Amengual explained that the behaviour of some tourists has caused "tourism-phobia", according to Majorca Daily Bulletin. In a statement, he said: "My message is all the British are really welcome in Calvia, that is very important... it’s not the same message you have heard in the other government.

“We want the people to enjoy [their holidays] with respect between tourists and the residents... this situation now is creating ‘tourism-phobia’ coming from these behaviours from some tourists, not all tourists.” He continued: “The British people and the Mallorcan people and the Spanish people, we live together, and I don’t want to see a problem."