Majority of Americans agree the way to one's heart is through good food

The best way to a man's and woman's heart is really through their stomach, according to a new study. The research of 3,000 American adults revealed almost three-quarters believe the age-old phrase "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" does ring true. And when asked if this applies to themselves, 70% of women and 75% of men agreed. More than half admitted their mood could improve with good food and 48% said some of their most treasured memories involve eating. Two in five people consider themselves a "foodie," while 43% feel they are a "feeder." Similarly, people like feeding others as it brings them happiness (61%) because they said they have a maternal or paternal instinct (44%) and like to share their culinary creations (43%). The study, commissioned by brioche experts St Pierre Bakery and conducted by OnePoll, also found cooking from scratch, knowing how to make something without a recipe and not getting stressed in the kitchen are among the things that impress people about others. Three in 10 people also like when others know the best spots for food in different cities, while many are impressed if a host always has food to offer their guests. On the other hand, those polled have tried to impress others with their cooking skills (30%) by creating a meal out of leftovers (27%) and discussing food with a passion (23%).

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