Majority of Americans believe their furry friend is actually their soulmate

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Three out of five Americans would willingly run into a burning building to save their pet, a new survey revealed.

The poll of 2,000 cat and dog owners also showed that 81% would not think twice before saving their pet from immediate danger.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents would willingly fight another person to save their four-legged friend.

Sixty-two percent would even describe their animal as their "best friend," while three in five agreed that their pet was their "soulmate."

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Figo Pet Insurance, the survey also revealed that pet owners often search for similar affirmations of love from their pets as they do from their partners.

That includes their pet "following them around" (63%), "giving them kisses" (59%) and sleeping in their bed (53%) as the topmost signs of endearment.

Research also showed that 84% of Gen Z (ages 18-24) are likely to include their pet in their wedding or milestone event, and more than three-fourths of Gen Zers are likely to get a tattoo inspired by them.

Of those who own multiple species of pets, 48% admitted they've bonded to one in particular — including 80% who feel more tied to their dog than their cat.

Regardless of which pet they've bonded with more, almost two-thirds (67%) believe that because they are so connected, they can read each other's minds.

Four in five pet owners believe that their pet significantly impacts their mental health in a positive way.

Furthermore, more than one-third of people surveyed admitted turning to their pet for a boost of serotonin at least once every single day of the week.

"The connection we have with our pets goes much further than just owner and companion. Our pets comfort us when we're sad, stick by us through ups and downs and provide unconditional love like no other relationship can. Our pets are family, and while they may not be able to verbalize their affection for us, any pet parent can attest to the strength and depth of their devotion," Lizbeth Bastidas, claim supervisor and certified vet technician says.

Because of being the most loyal companion, more than two-thirds of pet owners feel obligated in some way to repay their pet for all they do for them.

Eighty percent said it is likely that they will take their pet to the vet straight away if they even suspect something is wrong.

Almost one in five said they would pay more than $7,000 to save their pet's life, and 53% of pet owners would willingly go into debt or spend any amount necessary to save them from immediate danger.

Although only one-third said they have pet insurance, 54% of pet owners agreed that it is a good way to repay their pet.

Of those who have pet insurance, one-third said it has come in handy three to four times. But of those who don't, two in five believe it is too expensive.

Bastidas says, "With the growing cost of vet care in the U.S., the sad reality is that many pet parents will at some point face an expensive vet bill that could put them in a terrible position - having to choose between their beloved companion and their financial health. Our pets are there for us through thick and thin, and many pet parents would do anything to return the favor. This is especially true today, when pet medical care has advanced so drastically; sophisticated cancer treatments, alternative therapies, pain management and the list goes on. Pet insurance lightens the financial, mental and emotional load for pet owners, ensuring that cost does not dictate their pet's care."

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