Majority of Americans think you can’t have an ‘ideal wedding’ without an open bar

Americans' ideal wedding costs over $42,000, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 55 who plan on getting married found the perfect wedding would cost $42,310,48 total. For their ideal wedding, Americans desire an open bar. Sixty-one percent would have free drinks at their dream wedding. In fact, 44% would want formal attire for their wedding and 48% reveal they want a band instead of a DJ at their wedding. The study conducted by Minted Weddings examined the wedding features that make up the perfect wedding and discovered 48% evision something different than the traditional wedding celebration. From flowers and colors to who gives a speech and how long it lasts, Americans are opinionated when it comes to their ideal wedding. Nearly half (49%) of respondents say white is a color they definitely want to include in their wedding while a further 36% are unafraid of having black as part of their color scheme. And when it comes to flowers, roses top the list of wedding flowers (50%) followed by tulips (36%), lilies (35%), baby's breath (31%) and gardenias (28%) rounding out the top five. Three in 10 said they'd prefer a more modern theme over the traditional church bells and a ballroom. But how many people would be in attendance at Americans' dream wedding? Just under 100. The average respondent reveals their ideal wedding would be comprised of 92 guests total. Forty-six percent of respondents say the father of the bride would give a speech while a further 43% say a mother of the bride speech is essential at their dream wedding. But everyone's speech should be a tight 10 minutes or less, according to the respondents. "Couples planning a wedding want stationary that is uniquely designed and one-of-a-kind. From wedding websites and address collections to save the dates and seating charts, we always put design first so every couple can find their dream wedding stationery" a spokesperson for Minted stated. Americans are not ready to compromise for their dream wedding. Two in five say venue is a non-negotiable for their ideal wedding. Besides the location of the celebration, 39% reveal cake is a priority for them while a further 34% say having a best man's speech is something they aren't willing to go without. And those aren't the only wedding priorities Americans have when it comes to their dream wedding day. A third (33%) will not compromise on the type of music played. As a result, 72% of those studied agree that guests rely on a wedding website to provide the necessary information to plan their trip accordingly. "Building out wedding solutions allows design-oriented couples to bring their wedding dreams to life. Couples are looking for a website that provides up-to-date information for their wedding weekend. We are proud to now offer beautifully designed wedding websites that are customizable and unique to each couple" added spokesperson for Minted.

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