Majority of Brits spend more than an hour on the daily commute

By Simon Davis
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Majority of Brits spend more than an hour on the daily commute

Those who drive to work had the shortest commutes, according to survey

The majority of British workers are spending more than an hour commuting to and from work each day, a survey has revealed.

Online retailer Car Parts 4 Less polled 1,008 adults, finding that 51 per cent spent an hour or more travelling between work and home per day.

Those who drive were revealed as having the shortest commutes, with the average journey time coming in at 56 minutes.

Commuters who used the bus to get to and from work spent on average 60 minutes travelling between home and work, while those who took the train spent an average of 75 minutes. The London Underground was reported as being the slowest means of commuting, with the average journey time coming in at 82 minutes.

People who drive to work were also found to be the happiest with their commute. When asked to rate their satisfaction with their commute out of 10, drivers gave an average score of eight, compared with 7.5 for the bus, 7.4 for the train and 7.3 for the Underground.

A spokesperson from Car Parts 4 Less said: “The amount of time people spend commuting is hard to believe.

“No one wants to spend their day crammed together on public transport like sardines in a tin, particularly not early in the morning – and definitely not for over an hour each day.

“While there is no denying that in some cities, such as London, driving might not be practical, our research shows that anyone who can switch their commute up will probably see their day shorten dramatically.

“Car shares are a great option for those who don’t own their own car, and is much more environmentally friendly than driving solo. Just try to find someone with the same taste in music as you!”

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