Majority of parents plan to go all out with their Valentine's Day plans this year

From DIY remodeling projects to the more traditional dinner and a movie, this year’s Valentine’s Day date options for parents across the country really run the gamut. A new poll of 2,000 parents and 500 single parents of children 0-18 found that February 14, and dating in general, continues to creatively evolve as families identify what’s truly important to them. When it comes to choosing how to spend Valentine’s Day together, parents prefer an overnight trip (53%), a date night in (46%), a fancy dinner (42%), a night out on the town (41%) or in a bar (38%). The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zulily also further explored dating habits and preferences of married couples and single parents. Almost three-quarters (74%) of parents agreed that COVID-19 has changed the dating dynamic and in parallel, so have dating preferences. When asked about where they would prefer to spend date nights, both coupled up and single parents said date nights in were their top preference.

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