Majority of parents struggled with the same school subject their kids do

More than half of parents struggled with the same school subject as their kids do now, new research suggests. A recent survey of 2,000 parents found that 56% felt most overwhelmed by math class as students, while 51% of their school-age children feel the same way today. Other subjects that gave both groups trouble included science (26% and 25%) and English/Language Arts (21% and 27%). It turns out, a cross-generational issue may be to blame: both parents and kids alike said their trickiest subject didn't relate to their daily interests or activities, and that the books were hard to understand. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sphero, the study also polled children aged six and older about what makes learning fun. For 32% of kids, a "best day at school" involves getting paired up with their friends for a group project, more so than watching a video in class (19%). More than half said they retain information better through tangible learning, or getting hands-on experience with a subject — more than through writing or talking it out (32%).

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