Malema Causes Stir With 'Violence Against Whites' Video Tweet

Julius Malema. (Photo: RAJESH JANTILAL via Getty Images)
Julius Malema. (Photo: RAJESH JANTILAL via Getty Images)

One of Julius Malema's latest posts on Twitter is causing quite a stir on the social media platform. The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Sunday posted a video of controversial U.S. activist Louis Farrakhan in which he calls on black people to use violence against white people to rectify injustices.

"There is no freedom without the shedding of blood; I'm sorry to say this, nonviolence is not going to bring the land back to us, our unity will keep us from having to fire a shot..." Farrakhan says in the video.

He goes on to say that white people are always preaching nonviolence, but they themselves have used it to get ahead.

"Don't let that white man tell you that violence is wrong; every damn thing he got, he got it by being violent," he said.

"He [the white man] is worthy to be hated, worthy because of the evil that he does," Farrakhan added.

Twitter users had mixed emotions about the video, with some saying that Malema was inciting violence while others were in support of the leader of the red berets.

Farrakhan, born Louis Eugene Walcott,also known as Louis X, is an American religious leader who became a social activist after joining the Nation of Islam in 1955. He replaced his surname with an "X," a custom among Nation of Islam followers who considered their family names to have originated with white slaveholders.

He emerged as the protégé of Malcolm X and one of the most prominent members of the Nation of Islam.

However, Betty Shabazz, the wife of Malcolm X, has harboured resentment toward the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan in particular for what she felt was their role in the assassination of her husband.

Farrakhan has also been the centre of much controversy with critics saying that his political views and comments are antisemitic or racist. He has however denied this, saying much of America's perception of him has been shaped by media.

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