Malema: 'The ANC Are Elitist And Want To Be Leaders, Not Activists'

(Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters)
(Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters)

EFF leader Julius Malema has called the ANC elitist and accused members of wanting to be "leaders", rather than "activists".

This was in response to a question from eNCA's Michael Appel, who asked why the EFF was getting more coverage than the governing party. Malema said it was because the EFF was "on the ground".

"Zizi Kodwa is elitist, they all are. They will get [more coverage] when they have activities," Malema said. "The ANC is no longer having activists [sic]."

The EFF held a press briefing on Thursday on a variety of issues, including the ongoing land hearings and the inquiry into the South African Revenue Service.

Malema cited the recent public hearings in Mpumalanga as an example, which he said showed that there were no true activists in the ANC.

He said the venue at which the public hearings on land in Ermelo were held was cold, but no one from the ANC thought to bring gas heaters for attendees. Malema implied that this was because everyone in the party thinks such practicalities are beneath them.

"They are all leaders; even a mere councillor fights to be onstage," he said.

The leader of the Red Berets then said that Deputy President David Mabusa, despite his scandals, is one of the only activists in the ANC.

"DD is activist, he knows what needs to happen. He is not deputy president material; he is an organiser."

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