Malin Andersson proud of changed body

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Malin Andersson is proud of her body credit:Bang Showbiz
Malin Andersson is proud of her body credit:Bang Showbiz

Malin Andersson is "proud" of the changes to her body.

The former 'Love Island' contestant recently flew out to Spain for her first break since giving birth to daughter Xaya four months ago and she insisted she didn't feel self-conscious about wearing a bikini because she the fact the looks different due to pregnancy, rather than eating too much.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “It was weird because when you go to places like Dubai or Spain, you are kind of amongst other women that my body used to look like.

"It’s completely changed but it felt nice, I wasn’t bothered by it.

“There is a reason to it, it’s not just because I have been eating a ton of McDonald’s and being lazy, it’s because I have carried a baby and I think it’s something to be proud of.”

And Malin - whose daughter Consy tragically died three years ago just a few days after she was born seven weeks premature - has "retrained [her] mind" to stop her focusing on her flaws.

She said: "I exercise a lot now, mainly for my mind and to get me up and going but I look in the mirror and I don’t look at what to criticise, I just look at me as a person and what I am doing and achieving.

"It’s easy to pick out flaws especially in summer. You just have to retrain your mind.”

Malin split from Xaya's father Jared just weeks after she gave birth in February but she recently admitted she can "definitely" see them reconciling one day.

She said: "It was an amicable split [but] there was a lot of pressure involved. Plus, he’s only ever really known me as hormonal Malin because I’d been pregnant pretty much ever since we’d first gotten together! I was relying on him so much that I feel like he lost himself a bit. It was best for both of us to take some months apart, so that’s what we did.

"We’re now co-parenting Xaya 50/50 and getting on a lot better having our situation like this at the moment – it saved us, in a weird way.

"But I can definitely see us getting back together at some point in the future when all the baby chaos has finally calmed."

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