How to make Mallika Basu's Gingered Oat Pancakes

Mallika Basu
Mallika Basu

Usher in the New Year with this spongy, gluten free pancake or Uttapam whipped up in minutes.

Uttapam, hailing from South India, is traditionally made with a fermented white urid lentil and rice batter, but this recipe puts an instant twist on it with breakfast oats and rice flour.

An egg pan will give you perfectly shaped pancakes every time. Keep your favourite chutney handy for dunking.

Ingredients: serves 2 (makes 8-10)

1 cup gluten-free oats

Half cup rice flour

One inch ginger, finely grated

4 tbsp Greek-style yoghurt

Half – 1 cup lukewarm water

Half tsp bicarbonate of soda


Oil, as needed


In a bowl, mix the oats, rice flour, ginger and yoghurt together adding the water a little at a time until you get a batter with dropping consistency. Gently stir through the bicarbonate of soda and add salt to your taste.

Bring an egg pan to medium heat with a little spray of oil. When hot, spoon in a small ladleful of the batter and swirl until it coats the edges evenly. Cook for a minute until set on top, then spray with more oil, flip and cook for another minute until the pancake lifts off the pan easily. Plate up and start with the next one.

You can keep these warm in a foil lined tea towel until you are ready to eat.

Mallika Basu is an Indian food writer and columnist. See her recipeshere and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @MallikaBasu_