Mama Bear and Cub Enjoy Dip in Lake Tahoe Pond

A nature enthusiast captured footage of a mother bear and cub taking a dip in a pond in South Lake Tahoe, California, late last month.

Trail camera footage, caught by Toogee Sielsch on May 21, shows what he said is a “black bear mom with her very healthy yearling cub” lounging around in the water.

“The body language in this video speaks volumes to me,” Sielsch wrote in the video caption. “Mom’s a bit ambivalent to the yearling, and the cub isn’t sure how much longer mom’s gonna let it hang with her.”

Sielsch frequently captures videos and images of wildlife in the Lake Tahoe area and shares the footage on his Instagram account. Credit: Toogee Sielsch via Storyful

Video transcript