Mama Bear and Super-Cute Cub Beat the Heat in South Lake Tahoe Pond

A nature enthusiast captured footage of an adult bear and a cub enjoying a dip in a seasonal pond in South Lake Tahoe on July 28.

The footage, filmed on a trail camera set up by South Lake Tahoe local Toogee Sielsch, shows the pair having an adorable splash-about in the water.

“A young South Lake Tahoe momma black bear with her first ever cub of the year enjoying a seasonal pond,” Sielsch wrote in an Instagram post.

He added that he believes the mom is only four years older than her cub, telling Storyful: “I made my observation of her age by virtue of her size, plus first time sows often have only one cub.”

Sielsch frequently captures videos and images of wildlife in the Lake Tahoe area and shares the footage on his Instagram account. Credit: Toogee Sielsch via Storyful

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