'Mama' Moose and Confused Calf Cool Down Next to Sprinkler in Anchorage

A moose and calf were seen cooling off next to a sprinkler at a home in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday, June 4.

Video recorded by Stacy Minkler shows the adult moose calmly resting next to the turned-on sprinkler while the playful calf bounced around assessing the situation.

Minkler told Storyful that it was an “unusually warm” day and that the “mama moose” and calf were resting at their property amid the heat.

“We had the sprinkler on and mama moose knew exactly what it was and started to drink from it,” she said.

“The baby hasn’t seen [a sprinkler] before so was interested and also didn’t know how to handle getting sprayed.

“After about an hour the baby was also drinking from the sprinkler and also standing in it to cool down.” Credit: Stacy Minkler via Storyful

Video transcript


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