Teenager rescued from California's tallest bridge after getting stuck filming stunt 700ft in the air

A 19-year-old man had to be rescued from California's tallest bridge after he got stuck dangling more than 200m (700ft) in the air during a stunt gone wrong.

The unidentified teenager was swinging from the underside of the structure as his friend filmed from above.

But he got stuck on Foresthill Bridge in North Auburn, high above the American River, when his equipment failed.

The man was left hanging nearly 10m (30ft) below the bridge walkway as he tried to scale the rope back to safety just before 6.30pm on Monday, forcing his 17-year-old friend to call 911 for help.

Around 25 sheriffs and firefighters rushed to the scene and a rescuer was lowered to pull him back on to the bridge - which in the past has been used as a filming location for movies and adverts.

Placer County sheriffs reminded the public that "it is illegal to trespass on the Foresthill Bridge" in a social media post about the rescue.

Once he was brought to safety, the teenager was checked by medics and found to have no visible injuries.

He declined any medical attention and both teens were cited for trespassing, Placer County Sheriff's Office said.

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The Foresthill Bridge stands some 222m (730ft) above the North Fork of the American River - between Foresthill and Auburn in northern California.

It has featured in a string of commercials and Hollywood films, including xXx starring Vin Diesel, that saw a car driven off the bridge and his character parachute into another car below.