Man arrested after family caught using ambulance flashing its emergency lights to go to Asda

Connor Parker
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The disqualified motorist is being questioned by police after allegedly going to Asda for a food shop inside a second-hand ambulance. (GMP/SWNS)
The disqualified motorist is being questioned by police after allegedly going to Asda for a food shop inside a second-hand ambulance. (GMP/SWNS)

A man has been charged after he was found driving an ambulance flashing its emergency lights carrying a family to visit an Asda.

The ambulance pulled into the Asda in Harpurhey, Manchester, flashing its lights and was pulled over by police.

Officers saw the occupants of the ambulance go into the supermarket around 10pm on Wednesday.

The police found the driver was already disqualified from driving and was wanted by the court.

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The ambulance has since been seized and Greater Manchester Police said they "believe" the ambulance was purchased second hand, which is legal in the UK.

The driver, Blessing Mukaukirwa, 32, was charged with single counts of driving whilst disqualified, driving without a licence, driving without insurance, using a vehicle with unauthorised blue lights and failing to appear at court.

In a tweet, Greater Manchester Traffic Police tweeted: "This Ambulance was reportedly carrying a family when it arrived at Asda Harpurhey with blue lights flashing.

“Occupants promptly went inside to do their shopping.

“Our divisional colleagues tracked them down & the driver was found to be disqualified and also wanted by the court.”

The unusual journey could have been an attempt to get round COVID-19 rules which ask people to social distance, not gather in large groups and to avoid sharing a vehicle wherever possible.

Despite headlines about lockdown breaches, experts at University College London have found 96% of people are following the most of the rules, albeit while bending some.

Complete compliance is lower but still reported by 56% of people.

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Almost 100% of people said they were compliant during the first lockdown.

The government has ramped up its tough messaging on people breaking COVID rules with tougher fines for anyone who meets in a large group.

Although the vast majority of the UK have been keen to follow the restrictions, there have still be a few cases of ‘covidiots’ breaking tight rules for seemingly insignificant reasons.

Recently a man was caught driving 350 miles for a kebab only to crash his car on his way home.

The uninsured and unlicensed driver took his family on the journey despite coronavirus restrictions.

North Yorkshire Police also stopped a car with five men in it who had travelled 160 miles despite lockdown rules saying you should only leave home for an essential reason.

They could not say why they were travelling near Northallerton and a search of the boot found a sixth man lying down. One of the men was wanted for indecent exposure, police said.

The same force also fined a couple for taking a 260-mile round trip to get a Sunday lunch.

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