Man arrested and fined £60 after cycling in ‘non designated area’ in Kensington Gardens

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A photo of a ‘non designated area’ in Kensington Gardens (Royal Parks Police)
A photo of a ‘non designated area’ in Kensington Gardens (Royal Parks Police)

A cyclist has been arrested and fined £60 after riding through a “non designated area” of London’s Kensington Gardens.

The man was stopped by Royal Parks Police in the gardens outside Kensington Palace.

Police said he “refused to provide satisfactory details” and was subsequently arrested.

Once officers were “satisfied with details he eventually provided” he was released, but not without a £60 fine.

People took to Twitter to vent their frustration, or support, after the arrest and fine.

One user said: “What a complete waste of time and resources”.

But another said “Cyclists - completely oblivious to their impact on pedestrians!”

In May, Royal Parks Police issued a reminder to cyclists that it “continues to be an offence to cycle in Green Park or St James Park - triable in the criminal courts.

“Please comply with the signage,” police said on Twitter, alongside photographs of the words ‘No Cycling’ painted on the pavement or on a sign.

Police officers and community support officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for cycling in parks where signs say you should not.

Kensington Gardens is one of London’s eight Royal Parks and covers an area of 265 acres.

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