Man arrested for heckling Prince Andrew at Queen Elizabeth procession in Edinburgh

Man arrested for heckling Prince Andrew at Queen Elizabeth procession in Edinburgh

A protester has been arrested after he was seen heckling Prince Andrew as he followed the Queen’s coffin up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

The man was seen shouting at the royals as the procession made its way from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles’ Cathedral on Monday afternoon.

Video shows the moment the heckler cups his mouth to shout “Andrew, you’re a sick old man” at the Duke of York before being quickly dragged backwards.

Some members of the crowd shove him to the floor whilst others tried to drown out his remarks shouting “God Save The King!”

It came as King Charles, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex marched behind the hearse as it made its way up the Royal Mile.

The protester shouted “Disgusting!” as he is dragged away by police.

Later a man calling himself Rory and surrounded by police, explained to reporters: “Powerful men shouldn’t be allowed to commit sexual crimes and get away with it.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “A 22-year old man was arrested in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile around 2.50pm on Monday, September 12.”

Andrew, the late monarch’s second son, stepped down from public life after the furore over his friendship with paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and paid millions to settle a civil sexual assault case to a woman he claimed never to have met.

She alleged he had sex with her when she was 17 years old. He always denied wrongdoing.

He has been barred from wearing his military uniform for the historic procession and service at St Giles’ Cathedral, honouring the Queen’s life and her connection to Scotland.

The duke wore a black suit he was permitted to wear medals from his time in the Royal Navy.

The Duke of York will be back in military uniform for the final vigil around the Queen’s coffin during the lying in state, but not for the state funeral or other ceremonial elements in the coming days.