Man banned from City of London for 10 years after string of burglaries costing nearly £40k

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Barred: Neville Patrick Stanbury (City of London Police)
Barred: Neville Patrick Stanbury (City of London Police)

A burglar has been banned from entering the City of London for 10 years after costing businesses nearly £40,000 in damage and stolen goods.

Neville Patrick Stanbury, 52, from Old Kent Road, Southwark was handed three years community supervision, six months drug rehabilitation and 180 hours of unpaid work at Inner London Crown Court on December.

Stanbury, who had confessed to five counts of burglary from premises across the City, has now been barred from entering the area.

The order bans him from “impersonating any employee, agent or officer of any company, charity, or public body” that he does not work for and from disposing of or selling electronics.

He is also barred from “tailgating” his way into any buildings.

In addition, he must report to a judge every six weeks to monitor progress.

The order barring him from the City of London lasts until December 2031, said police.

Acting Detective Sergeant Kirsty Richardson said she was “pleased” the order had been granted against Stanbury.

“Stanbury is a prolific criminal, and his most recent offences, which included theft of electrical equipment from five premises across the City, cost local businesses almost £40,000 in damages and replacement of property,” she said.

“Theft from large organisations is not a victimless crime. Businesses have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and criminal activity such as this could be a breaking point for many.”