Man who bought winning £4million Lotto ticket saw none of cash - and had no idea it had been stolen

Joshua Addyman, 29, bought a winning scratchcard in 2019 at a London Londis - but had no idea he had done so - after crooks Jon-Ross Watson and Mark Goodram used his card.
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Joshua Addyman, aged 29, was unknowingly embroiled in a £4million National Lottery scam after purchasing a winning scratchcard at a Londis store in London with his card in 2019. Unaware that scammers Jon-Ross Watson and Mark Goodram had stolen his details and used his card, he found himself perplexed by the hullabaloo that ensued regarding his card's transactions.

Upon realising his card was charged two transactions worth £95 each, Joshua cancelled it right away, baffled as to why the theft of his card was so significant. He expressed his bewilderment stating: "No one ever told me it was because someone won £4million. I've had my card stolen before, I was like 'why is this such a big deal? ' no one ever explained it to me."

"If it was about people winning £4million on my card, I would have been interested to see what happens to these people."

In hindsight, Joshua revealed that had his banking institution clarified the circumstances surrounding the misuse of his card, he would have cooperated more readily: "I definitely would have been more cooperative if they told me what was happening. All they sounded like was that my card got stolen and they were going way over the top with it."

The Bolton fraudsters reportedly spent their illegally claimed fortune on a five-day bender. The saga continued when police began making intimidation attempts towards Joshua: "They kept calling me, they even sent police to my house... but I was like 'I'm not going to Manchester to say I don't know what's going on, I don't know anything'.", reports Birmingham Live.

"At the end of 2020, they're asking me to go to court and even at this point I still had no idea. I even asked them 'Hi, what is this for? ' And they just ignored it. This was right at the peak of coronavirus >Covid, I didn't want to go to a court room full of people just for my card getting stolen."

A spokesperson for GMP previously stated: "We conducted a full investigation into a case of fraud by false misrepresentation which resulted in two men receiving custodial sentences. We provided the victim with appropriate updates and information that protected the integrity of the investigation, and helped ensure the offenders were brought to justice."

Detective Constable Michelle Wilkinson, from Greater Manchester Police's Complex Fraud Team, commented: "This was quite an extraordinary case as Goodram and Watson's chances of claiming this scratch-card were one in four million. Unfortunately for them, they had knowingly bought this ticket through fraudulent means."

"While the massive winnings were never put in the wrong hands and no one came to any harm, there is no doubt in my mind that these men would have gladly accepted this money without any remorse for their illicit ways of obtaining it."

"The vigilance of staff at Camelot has to be commended, and the subsequent investigation by our team at the Complex Fraud Team has ensured that these two men are rightly behind bars and can learn to accept how their selfish and unscrupulous actions were far from acceptable."