Man builds eco-friendly wooden bicycle from scratch in northern India

Making good use of his time amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this man built an environmentally-friendly wooden bicycle from scratch in northern India’s Punjab. Dhaniram has been out of work since the lockdown was implemented in his state, and was resolute in creating something out of the box. Footage from July 30, shows the prototype of the bicycle with its wooden core body and wooden handles, set with a tidy finish. He successfully created the prototype in his town of Zirakpur in four months. Dhaniram described his first attempt at the bicycle made using plywood sheets as a "disappointment," after which he made use of a type of timber, known locally as "kail." The bike costs Dhaniram INR 12,500 (USD 166) to manufacture, and he is selling it for a price of INR 15,000 (USD 200).

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