Man buried alive speaks from beyond the grave

Jon Sharman
John Edwards gives advice from his coffin: John Edwards

A former alcoholic and drug addict was buried at a parish church in Belfast on Wednesday—except he is still alive and is broadcasting online from beyond the grave.

John Edwards, 72, is performing the stunt as part of his Walking Free project, which gives support to people suffering addiction or suicidal thoughts. He is spending three days underground at Willowfield parish church to promote the cause, and will take calls throughout.

"We are trying to get across the message that you need not be in a coffin prematurely, there is help there and you can overcome addiction and illness. I was locked into addiction for 25 years," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Round-the-clock security is in place for Mr Edwards, who admitted being buried alive, even voluntarily, was "very freaky".

Food, air and water are supplied by tubes leading down from the surface and Mr Edwards' coffin is better appointed than most, featuring a small light, a caravan toilet and his hot water bottle.

It is the second time he has been buried alive, the Telegraph reported, the first stunt having taken place in Halifax last year.