Man buys sandwich from cafe and is shocked to receive 'criminal' bill

restaurant bill
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

We all like to treat ourselves every now and again.

And one way people do this is by going to eat out. It's typically more expensive than dining at home – but takes the hassle out of cooking and can be a lot more delicious.

Sadly, this wasn't the case for one man though. Despite his best intentions to take his mum out for a nice lunch at a cafe, the pair were left very disappointed.

They stopped off for a sandwich at a cafe in Canada – but soon wished they didn't. The chap ordered a chicken sarnie that looked less than appealing when it arrived at the table.

He probably would've had tastier results if he'd just thrown a sandwich together at home. And to make matters worse, the meal was anything but cheap!

The angry man took to Reddit to share a snap of the butty, which was captioned: "$18 for this and fries." It consisted of a buttery white bun with chunks of bland-looking chicken inside it.

His beige meal contained no salad, sauces or visible seasoning. So when the snap was posted online, people were very unimpressed.

One commented: "This gotta be @ an airport. Even then, it's offensive, outrageous, and borderline criminal."

Another replied: "I got PTSD looking at this picture." And a third laughed: "I've boiled chicken juicier than that lol. I'd be disappointed."

While everyone agreed the lunch looked sad, others debated whether it could even be classified as a "sandwich". The chicken was served in baps, which led to some arguing it looked more like a "burger".

One Redditor remarked: "Yeah it's interesting in the United States we refer to them as chicken sandwiches but in Canada, Australia, UK and other places they're called chicken burgers. Just an interesting little regional difference. Even then some people say it depends on the type of chicken (filet vs ground chicken for example)."

But another disagreed, arguing: "I would never call this a chicken burger. A chicken burger is a breaded patty or ground chicken patty on a bun dressed like a burger (lettuce, tomato, onion whatever. This is a chicken sandwich to me."

Despite the series of negative comments, it was assured that the sandwich tasted about "20% better" than it appeared. We certainly hope so!