Man causes a mess after letting go of shopping trolley on escalator in southern China

A man in Shenzhen, Guangdong caused chaos at a mall when he let go of a shopping cart on an escalator, sending it tumbling down. The shopping cart then began to roll down the moving stairs before tipping over and scattering its contents, nearly hitting a girl who was descending the escalator at the same time. The man retrieved the cart and the woman accompanying him helped collect the fallen items. The mall manager, Mr. Huang, explained that the man was a first-time shopper at the mall and thought the escalator was a ramp-style one, which led to his mistake. Despite the damage to the escalator and cart, the mall did not require the man to pay compensation. Instead, the mall provided safety education to the man and quickly installed an escalator guardrail while also placing safety signs in a more visible location. The public is reminded not to push shopping carts, strollers, and other objects onto escalators and to pay attention to safety signs for personal and public safety. The video was filmed on May 1 and provided with local media’s permission.