Man Chained to Top of SUV Zooms Along Detroit Freeway

A man was seen chained to the roof of an SUV that was driving at high speeds on a freeway in Detroit on August 16.

Lonnie Webster recorded this video and originally posted it to Instagram. Webster told Storyful he spotted the joyrider while driving along John C Lodge Freeway, and said he initially thought he was seeing a Google Street View car.

“Then I took another glance and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. It was a guy on top of a car doing 85 mph,” he said.

Webster said he was behind the vehicle for about a mile and a half.

Rudy Harper, Second Deputy Chief for the Detroit Police Department, told Storyful they have identified the individual, and said their behavior was “outrageous.”

“We have made contact with him. We sent a warrant request to the prosecutor for charges and have impounded the vehicle. We were told the individual is suffering from homelessness and is an adrenaline junkie,” Harper said.

Harper told Storyful he does not know the exact charges the individual faces but said it should serve as a warning.

“If you behave such as this, you could be facing jail time. It’s such a safety hazard not only for the individual but for the general population,” he said. “People watching this display while traveling – distractions cause accidents, and this could have caused a deadly accident.” Credit: Lonnie Webster via Storyful

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