Man collared by Theresa May says he was 'amazed by how nervous she was'

The man who got involved in a testy debate with Theresa May outside his house claimed that the Prime Minister seemed “nervous” during their chat.

Pensioner Graham Mills quizzed Mrs May on various issues while she was out campaigning in Sedgley, Dudley, this week.

However, the 73-year-old – who refused to let the PM walk on his lawn – said he was left “really disappointed” with her answers, adding that he was “amazed at how nervous she was”.

Theresa May has been accused of dodging television debates (Rex)

He told the Express and Star: “I started by asking her why she would not debate the other leaders on the TV and she said ‘well we meet every Wednesday’ and I said that is hardly an answer and asked if she thought she owed it to the public.

“Again I did not really get an answer…

“I was amazed at how nervous she was.”

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He added: “She kept giving me stock answers every time – which was that it would be worse under Labour. I was really disappointed.”

Mr Mills observations come as Mrs May is accused of “ducking” television debates in the run up to the June election.

Some 54% of people in a poll for the Independent supported the television debates between leaders, something that the PM has already ruled out.

However, Mrs May may not have too much cause for nerves as an IpsosMORI poll released today showed she has the best “capable leader” score in the polling company’s history – beating Margaret Thatcher in 1983 and Tony Blair in 2001.

Polls also suggest a Tory landslide as Labour and Jeremy Corbyn continue to prove deeply unpopular with the public.

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