Man convicted of killing teenager in Finchley by stabbing him in the neck

Forensic officers working next to a forensic tent in Finchley street
-Credit: (Image: David Nathan/UKNIP)

A man has been found guilty of killing a teenager who was stabbed in the neck as he walked along a street. Tyrese Jennings, 21, attacked 18-year-old Yusuf Mohamoud on Regent's Park Road in Finchley, North London, on the evening of last August 7.

On Thursday, an Old Bailey jury found Jennings not guilty of murder but guilty of the lesser offence of manslaughter by a majority of 10 to two. Two youths, aged 16 and 17, were cleared of the same charges after the jury deliberated for 23 hours.

Prosecutor Alan Gardner KC had alleged that it was an "unprovoked, unjustified" attack.

He said: "Yusuf was able to run away from Tyrese Jennings a short distance after he was stabbed. He collapsed just across the road."

"The stab wound to his neck had cut his carotid artery. It proved to be fatal. Despite medical intervention Yusuf was declared dead at the scene just a short time later."

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It was alleged that Jennings was assisted and encouraged by the two youths who had spotted Mr Mohamoud in the area before the stabbing.

The trial heard that Yusuf and three other men had gone into a takeaway restaurant on Regents Park Road shortly before 9pm.

The 16-year-old defendant spoke to Jennings by phone and contacted the 17-year-old defendant, who cycled to the scene, jurors had heard.

Jennings came out of his house in nearby Lichfield Grove with a large knife and wearing a ski mask.

Although two youths were present at the scene of the stabbing, it was Jennings who struck the fatal blow, the court was told.

The three defendants fled the scene but were arrested and charged with murder a few days later.

Following his arrest, Jennings issued a prepared statement in which he claimed to have acted in self-defence.

He claimed the victim spoke to him aggressively and he believed he was about to be robbed of his mobile phone.

He stated: "As I approached the corner of Lichfield Grove the victim moved closer to me touching his waist, I believed that I was about to be stabbed and that it was him or me.

"I produced a knife I had been carrying in self-defence and tried to ward him off with it. At all times I acted in lawful self-defence."

Mr Gardner said that it was discovered the victim had been armed with a large knife as he was being treated by paramedics.

The blade was strapped to his leg within two pairs of trousers in a sheath, the court had heard.

The two youths admitted being at the scene on bikes but denied participating in a joint enterprise with Jennings to kill or cause really serious harm to the victim.

Following the verdicts, Judge Mark Dennis KC adjourned sentencing Jennings to August 27.