Man With Coronavirus Makes Gross Food Combinations After Losing Sense of Taste

A New Jersey man filmed himself consuming a variety of pungent-tasting products to demonstrate the extent to which he lost his abilities to taste and smell after he said he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Russell Donnelly told Storyful he received his diagnosis on November 5 and immediately quarantined himself at his Jersey City home.

He said he was “a little scared” at first but “mostly nervous for those I had been in close contact with and their families.”

Donnelly, who said he experienced mild symptoms, began filming his gastronomic experiments on November 8 and continued over the course of a week.

In the footage, compiled by Storyful, he pairs all manners of flavors together, including toothpaste and fruit juice, and sardines and mustard.

Donnelly told Storyful that he began shooting the videos because he lost his senses of taste and smell, but it had now “become a lifestyle and I reckon I’ll continue to do it when my senses return!” Credit: @rustardlikemustard via Storyful