The man who created Trump vs CNN wrestling video wrote about stabbing Muslims

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Trump has been accused of
Trump has been accused of “encouraging violence” against journalists (Rex)

The Reddit user who is taking credit for creating the video of Donald Trump punching a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his head has a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim posts.

The President has been widely criticised for encouraging violence against reporters after he tweeted the video from his official account.

In the 28-second clip, Trump is seen beating up a man with the CNN logo mocked up over his face.

It was posted several days ago by a user on the social media site Reddit with the title, “Trump takes down fake news”, referencing the Republican’s repeated attacks on the media.

Since then the user, HanAssholeSolo, has written: “Wow!! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the God Emporer [sic] himself!!!

The prolific Reddit user, who often comments on threads about politics, religion and terrorism, has on more than one occasion written: “F*** ISLAM”.

In one post he wrote: “If I was [in charge] Islam would be designated a cult and banned in this country. Screw every last one of them.”

In another post he describes Islam as “the cancer that keeps on spreading and people are too stupid to cure it.”

In another, he described how he “carried punch blades” in Paris so that he could stab “any of those Islamic *****” who “tried **** with me”.

He also posted a meme of CNN journalists with Jewish stars next to them.

In a series of tweets, Trump said he would no longer be describing CNN as “fake news” but “fraud news”, before posting the video.

CNN said in a statement that Trump was encouraging violence against reporters and “involved in juvenile behaviour far below the dignity of his office”.

The meme recalls the bodyslamming of a Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs in May by Republican congressional candidate in Montana.

Greg Gianforte pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to community service, but he was still sworn in as a member of the US House of Representatives.

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