A man and his dead stuffed dog make for a bizarre interview

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On This Morning, Mitch Byers sat down to be interviewed with his adorable Jack Russell terrier, Phoebe. She loves having her tummy tickled, being photographed, and going on trips. But the most important thing to tell you about Phoebe is that she died in 2013.

This Morning hosts, the husband-and-wife team Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, had many follow-up questions — as did the rest of us. First of all, who stuffs a dead dog? Well, according to Mitch, his mother was the mastermind behind this idea. However, it was all done in secret, and it wasn’t until Mitch’s father found the taxidermy bill that the family realized that their recently deceased dog was here to stay.

Now, Mitch, not his mom, has become semi-Instagram famous, with his account, bluntly called @mydeaddogandme. As you can see, he’s pretty busy taking Phoebe out and about — including meeting other (living) dogs. As Mitch describes their reaction, “They’re really just curious about the whole thing.”

During the chat, at one point, Holmes asked Mitch: “How much does it cost for a good stuffing?” Turns out it cost “a couple of thousand dollars” to have Phoebe stuffed and preserved forever. 

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