Man dies in reception of Stoke Newington police station after ‘jumping off phone kiosk’

Stoke Newington police station  (Google Maps)
Stoke Newington police station (Google Maps)

A man died in the front reception of Stoke Newington police station after jumping off a telephone kiosk and sustaining critical injuries, the Met said.

The Metropolitan Police said the incident, which is being investigated by its Directorate of Professional Standards, meant the closure of the police station front desk on Saturday night.

In a statement on Twitter Hackney Police said a man “climbed onto a telephone kiosk in the front office and jumped off, sustaining critical injuries. Despite the efforts of police officers and ambulance colleagues the 68-year-old man was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

“The man had not been arrested or taken to the police station by officers. He had been in and out of the police station since around 9am. He does not appear to have made any effort to report anything to police”.

They added: “Officers have informed the family of the man who died .” They said a note was found and a report will be prepared for the coroner.

Stoke Newington police station closed shortly before 7pm and a cordon was set up.

Hackney Police added: “At no point was he detained or arrested by officers and he entered the front office of his own volition.

“The circumstances are under investigation.The death is not being treated as suspicious.”