Man and Dogs Rescued From Vancouver Island Coast After Sailing Vessel Loses Power

A man and his two dogs were airlifted to safety from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, after the sailing vessel carrying them ran out of power, footage released on Thursday, December 29, shows.

According to a official statement, the US Coast Guard in Seattle “received a report of a sailing vessel which had lost power, was grounded and was being battered by large waves approximately 3 miles west of the Jordan River” on Tuesday night.

A helicopter aircrew from the USCG air station in Port Angeles carried out the rescue mission early on Wednesday, according to the statement.

“The aircrew arrived on scene shortly after 1 am Wednesday morning, hoisted the survivor and one dog, and transported them to emergency medical services at the Canadian Coast Guard Station in Victoria,” the statement continued.

Later Wednesday morning, the aircrew returned to the area to assess the wreckage for pollution issues and salvage potential, when they found the second dog.

“The aircrew arrived on scene at approximately 11 am, during the course of that overflight the crew spotted another canine within the wreckage,” according to the statement.

Footage posted on the official Twitter account for the US Coast Guard for the Pacific Northwest region shows the second dog being rescued on Wednesday morning. Credit: USCG Pacific Northwest via Storyful

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