Man doubles the size of his penis using testosterone injections

A trial for a male contraceptive injection has been halted because of the side effects [Photo: Getty]
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Penis enlargement is the stuff of a million dodgy internet adverts – offering ‘miracle’ pills or alarming-looking contraptions.

But one man actually did manage to double his penis size using testosterone injections.

We should point out here that you should definitely not try this yourself – no matter how worried you might be about your size.

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The the man in Karachi suffered from a rare condition which meant his body didn’t produce enough testosterone – and had left him with a two-inch penis.

The man presented himself to the Aga Khan University in Karachi – complaining that he could not grow a beard and had no armpit or pubic hair.

His penis was a mere 1.9 inches long when stretched – around the same as a pre-pubescent boy’s, and he also had abnormally small testicles.

He was diagnosed with a condition known as hypogonadism – which can leave men unable to produce enough testosterone.

The case is described in British Medical Journal Case Reports.

After nine months of injections, the man’s penis had almost doubled in size to 3.7 inches – and his testicles had also expanded to a near-normal size.