The man who drafted Article 50 says it's misleading to suggest it can't be reversed

The British people are at risk of being “misled” over Brexit, the man who drafted Article 50 has said.

Lord Kerr, who played a key role in drafting Article 50, the legal mechanism for a country to leave the EU, will deliver a speech pointing out that the Government’s suggestion that Brexit cannot be reversed is potentially misleading and part of a “political decision”.

“We can change our minds at any stage of the process,” the former UK ambassador to the European Union will say, insisting that Theresa May‘s decision to send the letter triggering Article 50 does not mean Brexit is inevitable.

Misled – Lord Kerr says the suggestion that Article 50 is irreversible is misleading (Picture: PA) 

Talks over Brexit are continuing in Brussels ahead of a summit of European leaders next month.

But Lord Kerr is set to deliver a speech on Friday at an event hosted by Open Britain in which he will  contradict the Government’s assertion that the process is irreversible.

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He is expected to say: “We are not required to withdraw just because Mrs May sent her letter.

“The fact is that a political decision has been made, in this country, to maintain that there can be no going back.”

Political – Lord Kerr will say a political decision has been made that is at risk of misleading the British public (Picture: AP)

The speech will add: “Actually, the country still has a free choice about whether to proceed. As new facts emerge, people are entitled to take a different view. And there’s nothing in Article 50 to stop them.

“I think the British people have the right to know this – they should not be misled.”

(Top picture: AP)