Man Drives Through a Tornado in Pinellas Park, Florida

A Florida driver was caught in a tornado that went through Pinellas Park, on Wednesday, December 16. The video shows David Volante’s car getting hit by strong winds and debris flying as the storm moved along a highway.

The “violent tornado” damaged warehouses, cars, and buildings along the two-mile span of Pinellas County, according to reports.

Pinellas Park Police said the storm also left thousands of customers without power.

The National Weather Service said the tornado event was rated an EF2 in Pinellas county and an EF1 in Hillsborough and Polk counties.

Volante told Storyful he was heading home from work when the tornado hit.

“Traffic came to a halt. As I looked out my driver side window, I noticed debris flying in the air. I knew it was a tornado,” said Volante. Credit: David Volante via Storyful