Man who drove car into nightclub jailed for 28 years

A man who drove his car onto a packed dance floor after being kicked out of a nightclub has been jailed for 28 years for attempted murder.

Mohammed Abdul, 21, said he felt "humiliated" after being ejected from Blake's nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, on 17 March last year.

He returned and was caught on CCTV inside the club as he drove his Suzuki Vitara past bouncers, down an alleyway packed with clubbers and then ploughed into the venue itself.

He left at least 10 people injured, including one woman with a dislocated knee, another with a fractured pelvis and a man with a shattered shin bone.

Abdul, of Deptford in south-east London, said he only wanted to "make a nuisance of himself to get his own back on the door staff".

He was convicted of two counts of attempted murder following his re-trial at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday, court officials confirmed.

A camera inside the club shows the vehicle's front lights getting closer as dancers inside were unaware the car was headed for them.

Mohammed Abdul said he only wanted to 'make a nuisance of himself'

The car rams into one man from behind, throwing him onto the bonnet, as others run for safety.

The vehicle then reverses, with its registration plate hanging off the front.

Some clubbers attempted to swarm the vehicle, while others are visibly distressed.

The court heard how a search of the 4x4 identified it to be stolen from the London area while inside an empty bottle vodka and small bags of cannabis were found.

During an interview, Abdul gave no comment to detectives, even when shown CCTV of the incident.

Senior investigating officer Detective Sergeant Alastair Worton said: "Abdul's actions that night were beyond deplorable, from his inappropriate behaviour which led to him being ejected from Blake's, right through to driving at innocent people who were only looking for a good night.

"The idea of a vehicle being driven at people evokes very significant emotions in today's climate and it is a miracle no one died as a result of Abdul driving a 4x4 into the marque.

"Many of those who were injured are still recovering now and I hope today's sentencing helps them find some closure."