Man forced to cancel proposal pops the question in Central Park

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A man forced to cancel his proposal due to lockdown popped the question in a romantic corner of Central Park instead - with candles, flowers and a violinist. 

Matt Waxman had planned to ask his girlfriend Jamie Sangesland to marry him in mid March, at a party with all their friends and family.

He'd secretly arranged for Jamie's parents to fly to New York City, the restaurant was booked and a photographer was hired to capture the moment. 

But due to strict lockdown measures in NYC Matt was forced to postpone the plan, hoping the quarantine would end quickly. 

"As the weeks past I realized it was going to take a really long time before we could have social gatherings again," said Matt, 31, who owns a wholesale tech accessory company. 

"But I didn't want to wait any longer to propose to Jamie, so I had to get creative." 

Matt enlisted the help of a couple of friends to decorate a small pagoda in Central Park with flowers and electric candles, then hired a violinist to play Jamie's favorite songs. 

"Everyone wore masks and stayed six feet away from each other so we were safe," said Matt, who lives with Jamie on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

"I asked Jamie if she wanted to go for a walk. It was the first time we'd really left the apartment in weeks, except to walk the dog nearby." 

Unsuspecting Jamie, a 27-year-old kindergarten teacher, was led around a corner to reveal a beautiful scene with candles and cascading flowers by the water's edge.  

"I was pretending that it was for a photoshoot for someone else, but I'd pre-arranged that the photographer suggest we take a selfie in the space," said Matt. 

"As we got into the area I dropped to one knee and asked her. 

"I was very nervous, it was tough to get my words out, and my hand was shaking when I put the ring on her finger. But she said yes!" 

Jamie added: "It was a complete surprise, we'd talked about getting married before but I had no idea he'd do it now, while all this is going on. It was fantastic. 

"The ring is beautiful, it's an opal with diamonds down the sides, he did very well, I was very impressed. 

"And the violinist was playing our songs, Taylor Swift and Everything by Michael Bublé. 

"It was very romantic." 

After Jamie said her enthusiastic 'yes' Matt showed her a video he'd made - comprised of messages of congratulations from all their loved ones.  

"All the people who were going to be at our engagement party made a clip for the video, so we still got to see everyone's face," said Matt

"Then we went home to celebrate with champagne and takeout of all Jamie's favorite foods and deserts. 

"In the evening we went out onto our balcony and had some more champagne." 

Unsurprisingly the couple are going to delay making any wedding plans until the coronavirus outbreak subsides. 

"This time is so scary and uncertain, so it's lovely to have something good to look forward to," said Jamie. 

"There are a lot of sad stories out there about people not being able to see their loved ones, or losing their loved ones right now. I think it has made us all appreciate love even more." 


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