Man 'frustrated' after Domino's delivery drivers block disabled space at Nottinghamshire store

The car park at Domino's Stapleford on Derby Road only has one disabled parking space
-Credit: (Image: Google)

A Nottinghamshire man has expressed his frustration after "months" of issues with a disabled parking space at his local Domino's. Gareth Hind, 43 and from Stapleford, says the store's delivery drivers are blocking the entrance to the single disabled parking space in front of the shop on Derby Road, Stapleford.

Mr Hind claims this has been going "for a while", with his first complaint being submitted in November 2023. He was recently offered a voucher following his complaints, with the parking space blocked at the time when Mr Hind went to the shop to redeem his free pizza.

The man, who has long term pain issues and can't walk properly and stand, said: "I like their pizza but we're not going to use that store ever again. We're going to use the Beeston store from now on but that's not fair because it's quite far from where we live.

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"It feels like they don't care about disabled people. I was happy with the free pizza but I'd be even happier if I could just park in front of the store.

"It's very frustrating because that's the only disabled bay." Mr Hind added that he was once blocked in by a delivery driver and had to wait for the driver to leave before backing out of the car park.

He said that he and his wife "could never get into the space" with their old car, as they had no space to squeeze in. "We can only just about squeeze our new car in sometimes now," he said.

Domino's said drivers will under no circumstances block the disabled bay. A spokesperson said: "We pride ourselves on being a positive presence in the communities we serve.

"We’ve spoken to the store manager who has reassured us their drivers will under no circumstances block the disabled bay. We are, however, unable to control the behaviour of customers of other businesses or local residents. "