Man furious after neighbour parked in his driveway then berated him when confronted

The man is locked in a dispute with his neighbour (STOCK IMAGE)
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Parking disputes are often at the heart of neighbourhood drama, with tensions flaring over who leaves their car where. One baffled man found himself labelled a "bad neighbour" for simply requesting that his driveway remain unblocked.

He didn't own a car himself and was usually okay with other residents parking in front of the drive if the street was busy, especially as most of the considerate locals moved their car soon afterwards.

But, having recently moved into the property, he had arranged for some renovations and wanted the space for "access for the lads doing the work." However, one stubborn neighbour had started to regularly leave his vehicle in the way, often for days at a time.

The homeowner at first left a note on the offending car, but this was ignored. And when he was finally able to confront the driver, he was met with an angry response, The Mirror reports.

The issue escalated to the point where the frustrated resident felt compelled to involve the council, which promptly dispatched a warden. Unfortunately, by the time the inspector arrived, the vehicle had conveniently been moved.

Seeking advice, the man turned to Reddit, asking: "Would you park in front of someone's driveway if they don't own a car?"

"I've recently moved into a house on a busy street. It has a dropped kerb and a small driveway. I don't have a car. Not many other houses on the street have a dropped kerb.

"Most neighbours don't block the drive, some might if stuck for space but will move it as soon as they can which I'm fine with. One recently has been parking across the drive a lot, sometimes 3-4 days at a time.

"I have some building work going on and could do with the access for the lads doing the work. I wasn't sure which neighbour to speak to (still new to the area), so I left a polite note asking not to block the drive. This was ignored."

Speaking about the confrontation, he continued: "He angrily said it's not my personal parking space (seems to think it's his though), I don't have a car and he can park there if he likes, and he won't get a ticket."

"Also said some stuff about being a bad neighbour (first time we spoke). I said you're illegally parked and don't complain when you get a ticket."

"Annoyed, I contacted the council, they sent a warden quickly (I suppose they never pass up an opportunity to make some money), but unfortunately he drove off a few minutes before they arrived."

Questioning whether he was in the wrong to be annoyed, as a non-driver, he asked: "Am I being a p***k about this? Even though I don't have a car, I feel like it's taking the p***. Sometimes friends and family visit and they can't use the driveway when it's blocked.

"If he wasn't such a d**k about it, I wouldn't really have a problem with him parking there for a while if he was stuck for space and moved it when possible. Now I'm itching for him to try it again."

Users were mostly on the homeowner's side, since his driveway is his own property. One person said: "It sounds like he doesn't understand the rules around dropped kerbs and thinks you're just trying to lay claim to the road outside your house. One of the police or the local council should enforce this if you contact them."

Another replied: "I have to say no, you're not being a p***k. It doesn't matter whether you own a car or not, blocking your driveway is a) a d**k move and b) illegal, as you said.

"Suspect you may not have an issue on the parking front going forward now he knows you're liable to call the council... but he also sounds like a s***head who will be annoying to live near."

Someone else commented: "No, the only time I'd ever stop in front of someone's driveway is if there was nowhere else to stop and I had to pull over for two minutes to check a map or something.

"I'd say, legality aside, it's a pretty widely accepted thing you don't do. He pulled away because he knew he was bang out of order, he's probably pulled this bull***t with everyone and was hoping he could get away with it because you're new."

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