Man gets Tesco Clubcard tattooed on his arm to stop him forgetting it

A scaffolder had his Tesco Clubcard permanently tattooed onto his arm - because he kept forgetting to take it with him when he visited the supermarket.

Dad-of-seven Dean Mayhew, 30, said he thought about the tattoo for several months before deciding to go under the needle.

He said despite shopping in Tesco up to three times a day, he regularly found himself having to pay more because he forgot his loyalty card.

So he got the QR code for his card tattooed on his right forearm - and it works perfectly under the scanner at the till.

Now, he collects Clubcard points and gets discounts on groceries every time he shops – as he literally can’t forget to bring it with him.

Dean said: “People just say that it’s typical me – sometimes I’m not the cleverest of guys but they’ve said that for me, it’s pretty genius.

“I’ve got seven kids and I’m in there all the time - probably three times a day I’d say.

“I’ve been thinking of getting [the tattoo] for the last three to four months. Every time I go in there they ask if I’ve got my Clubcard but it’s always at home or I’ve lost it."

Dean, from Horsham, Sussex, spent half an hour getting the tattoo earlier this month (16/07) at A Star Tattoo in Chessington, Surrey.

He and his tattoo artist - Dan Rossetter, 39 - then visited the local Tesco Express to find out if it worked.

“I tried the self-checkout but it was quite awkward to use because I wasn’t doing it right so I said 'let me go to the guy on the till' – I went up there and it worked,” said Dean.

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