Man hands GoPro to squirrel and the squirrel actually takes it

A fun video of YouTuber Viva Frei attempting to get a squirrel to take his GoPro camera out of his hand, something he claims would be a "world first."

The footage, in Canada on April 9, shows the squirrel apprehensively approaching David Freiheit who his making a clicking sound with his tongue to attract the animal while holding the camera out in front of him.

Eventually, the cheeky squirrel takes it and runs up a tree.

He later wrote online: "As you all know, I've been somewhat infatuated with getting squirrels to nab my GoPro.

"One thing I have always wanted to do was a straight-up handoff to a squirrel (as opposed to leaving the camera on the ground).

"Well, dare I say it, another world internet first! Enjoy," he continued.