Man in Michigan casually carries lost fawn to safety

While returning to his shift in Verizon, Frank Turturice noticed a baby fawn running around the parking lot with other people going after it in Macomb, Michigan, on June 17. Eventually, he and other good samaritans got him cornered in front of the store, and as it tried to run away, it leaped right into Frank's arms. The fawn was safely relocated into the woods near the store where it's believed to be safe. Frank told Newsflare: "I just returned from my lunch break and saw the fawn running around the parking lot with people going after it. We got it cornered in front of my store and when it tried to run it literally just leaped right into my arms. I, along with some other good samaritans, relocated the fawn to the woods by our store which we believe is where she came from."

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