Man jailed after stabbing partner 29 times and leaving her with knife embedded in her chest

A man has been jailed after stabbing his partner 29 times and leaving the knife embedded in her chest.

Steven Wood, 54, locked Tina Turner in their house and left her in a pool of blood.

She was eventually taken to hospital, where the knife was taken out of her body.

Wood was jailed for attempted murder for a minimum of 12 years, Northumbria Police said.

Ms Turner, 54, from Gateshead, decided to share her story of surviving domestic violence and to tell others that there is no shame in seeking help.

"I was so besotted and so much in love with Steven," she said.

"We had been living together over a year and had planned the rest of our lives together.

"I now have to live with the knowledge that the man I loved and tried to help, that I believed was a charming, empathetic and in his words 'a soulmate' could turn into a monster and attack me.

"As I begged for my life, as I told him we could talk about anything, he told me 'no, I have to finish you off because I am not going to prison for you'.

"That sentence stays with me, I hear it every day in my head. I think it will stay with me the rest of my life.

"I feel so naive, stupid, so manipulated."

'I used to blame myself'

The pair had been together for two years and moved in to a home in Gateshead after a year of dating.

She believed he manipulated her caring nature, while she ignored warning signs in their relationship.

Wood told her a previous partner had left him while he was at work and cleared their house.

"I wonder now if she left because she was terrified of him," Ms Turner said.

He also told her another partner had fallen down the stairs during an argument, but she was later told by police that he had pushed her down the stairs with a pole.

"I now realise how miraculous it is I survived my injuries, as some people die from one stab wound and I had 29," Ms Turner said.

"Steven had every opportunity to ring an ambulance however, instead he left me to die with a knife embedded in my chest in a pool of my own blood and was clear headed enough to lock the doors to prevent anyone from helping me.

"I used to blame myself but therapy has helped me get me where I am now. I have good and bad days but I know how to survive.

"I am not a victim, I am a survivor."

Northumbria Police urged anyone affected by domestic violence or who had concerns to contact the Tell us Something page on its website.

Anyone with concerns about a partner or a loved one who might be at risk of abuse are advised to apply to use Clare's Law - a free and confidential information check on someone's criminal record.