Man Jumps Into Icy Canadian Harbour to Save His Phone

A man stripped down to his underwear and jumped into a harbour in Victoria, British Columbia, to rescue his phone from the freezing waters on February 14.

This footage, shot by Stanley Yorgoro, shows the man appearing to hesitate after climbing over the harbour fence.

“Your phone is wrecked. It’s not worth it,” someone off-screen tells the man, who disregards the advice and descends into the icy water. After surfacing with his phone in hand, he makes his way to a ladder.

“It was pretty mind-blowing seeing him jumped into that frozen cold water on Valentine’s Day, and also the fact that it was dropping snow as well,” Yargoro told Storyful. “He said to [me] that the phone had dropped in that water the night before so he waited for daylight to come retrieve it.” Credit: Stanley Yorgoro via Storyful