Man kills leopard with bare hands to protect wife, daughter in India

Rajagopal Naik was on a bike ride with his wife and daughter on February 23 when they were accosted by a leopard at Bendekere village near Arasikere in India. All three fell down from their bikes and Naik ended up putting a fierce fight with the animal. After grappling with the animal, he managed to kill it by fighting with his bare hands and legs, Naik said. The encounter left Naik shaken and bleeding, and he was taken to the hospital. Forest officials said the leopard had attacked at least three others before charging Naik and his family. Naik said: "I was returning to my village from a wedding with my wife and daughter. At 3:30 p.m. the leopard chased and attacked my bike from behind. It tried to bite my wife’s leg, and we all fell down. It turned on me after I pushed it away from her. It came on top of me and tried to bite my arms and neck. I fended it off with my hands. I managed to push it down and kill it with my knee. My wife and daughter ran to the village and got help. I was injured in the head, arms and neck." According to local reports, the leopard had first attacked a woman and her son, who were on their way at their farm at a nearby village. The son had fought the leopard and managed to chase it away. The leopard also attacked a vet who had gone with a team of forest officials to catch it. It escaped them and ran away only to attack Naik and his family later. Forest officials said they were trying to find out why the two-year-old female leopard had gone rogue.